What prepared you for your current job as a graphic designer? ✏️

Graphic Design: My Unanticipated Journey

Hey there, fellow design enthusiasts! I’m Jahid Hasan, founder and CEO of Design Waver, and let me share a little secret with you: becoming a graphic designer wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I first set out. My initial goal in life was to become an architectural engineer, but as fate would have it (and perhaps fueled by a spontaneous late-night online design course), I found myself immersed in this mesmerizing world of pixels and creativity.

So, what prepared me for this unexpected but fulfilling journey? Here’s the shining truth: It wasn’t just about technical skills.


      1. 1.Aesthetic appreciation everywhere: You might not guess it from my cluttered desk (designers’ stereotype, right?), but I’ve always been drawn to anything visually pleasing. From wandering through enchanting art galleries as a child to being captivated by nature’s flawless color harmony, I naturally gravitate towards beauty. This translates seamlessly into graphic design, where understanding composition, color, and visual hierarchy is crucial.

      1. 2.Storytelling with a twist: Who knew my [previous hobby or interest] would be so useful? It turns out that being a good storyteller translates well into designing captivating visuals. Just like a compelling narrative, a stunning design should stir emotions and guide the viewer’s gaze. Through my [previous hobby/interest], I’ve sharpened my creative thinking and mastered the art of crafting messages that resonate deeply.

      1. 3.Adaptability is key. Let’s face it, the design world is in constant flux. New trends emerge, software updates come in a blink, and client demands can be as unpredictable as the weather. But that’s the beauty of it! My [previous experience or skill] has equipped me to thrive in this ever-changing environment. I can think on my feet, solve problems creatively, and adapt swiftly to whatever challenges come my way.

      1. 4.The learning never stops. Here’s the reality check: in graphic design, you never stop learning. Whether it’s mastering new software, exploring innovative design trends, or honing fresh creative skills, there’s always something new to discover. Maybe it’s because of my past experience in learning, but I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of acquiring new knowledge. This thirst for knowledge keeps me inspired and continually evolving as a designer.

    In conclusion, surprise! My journey into graphic design might not have been what I expected, but the skills I’ve gained along the way have undoubtedly paid off. So, if you’re considering a path in graphic design, don’t hold back! Your unique background and experiences could be the very things that set you apart.

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